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APRS Work around mit MMDVM in Zukunft mit 1/2 Rate

Upcoming release of BrandMeister has changed the transmission mode of ARS/LRRP/TMS/RRS/LP/TMP (registration, GPS, SMS) from Rate 3/4 to Rate 1/2 as a work-around to solve issues with Rate 3/4 on MMDVM.

To switch your radio to Rate 1/2 you need to uncheck option „Confirmed Data Call“ on the channel profile which you are using with MMDVM.

Artem Prilutskiy
nur erforderlich bei MMDVM,  alle anderen Repeater( Motorola/Hytera) ändert sich „Data Call confirmed“ 3/4 Rate nicht nur bei MMDVM Repeater 1/2 Rate.