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What is easyBM?

easyBM is a nearly ready-to-use prepared Linux image for the RaspberryPi, that can be used by amateur radio operators to set up a digital voice hot spot. A kind of „BrandMeister to go“.

The image includes a dashboard and a web interface for the first configuration with the necessary personal data. This is done with your normal web browser, for example with your notebook.  Therefore the RPi is connected with a network cable to your LAN and can be reached via the DHCP-assigned IP address.

It is our goal to allow every amateur radio operator setting up a personal DV hot spot within shortest time, by applying this easy to install image. So using digital voice communications is easily accomplished.


Different systems

With easyBM you can change at any time between D-Star and DMR.

Ready to go

Our idea is a smart disk image for running a hot spot almost out of the box.

Web configuration

To setup your own hot spot you only need your familiar web browser.


Dashboard included

A useful web dashboard shows all important infomration. CPU load, status of connection, last heard call signs and more. Special thanks to Kim, DG9VH, who has built this very handy dashboard.

Open Source

In case you want to create your own version, based on easyBM, please get in contact with the developer team.


Our support-forum is the first address if you have any questions.


easyBM lite


Download easyBM lite  HowTo-Install


This image is still under development. In the future this image will achieve full access to all features of the whole RaspberryPi DVMega System. So watch out…


Codeplug that matches the easyBM lite image with German regio talkgroups

Download easyBM-Codeplug for Tytera MD-380 / Retevis RT-3 (UHF 1 bandsplit)



Working on easyBM (2016-08-21)

easyBM lite 1.0.1 is a good entry point to continue our work on the easyBM (not lite!). The new release 2 also will support D-Star by using ircddb.

Version 1.0.1 (2016-08-02)

The first overworked release of easyBM lite was published. From now the master server can be chosen freely, and WLAN support for WPA encrypted wireless connections got enabled.